A Natural Control for Corn Rootworms

April 10, 2017 | Common Garden Pests

Corn rootworms (including western, northern and southern corn rootworms) are a major pest to corn plants and can cause significant crop damage. The good news is that beneficial nematodes are a great, all natural and completely safe way to kill these insect pests. The beneficial nematodes in BioLogic’s Scanmask hunt down and kill corn rootworm larvae in the soil, preventing further root damage and stopping new adults from emerging.

We have added the Western Corn Rootworm, Northern Corn Rootworm and Southern Corn Rootworm to our online Pest ID. The Pest ID provides information on many common insect pests and provides useful information on their lifecycle, which nematode products to use and how and when to apply.

western corn rootworm-01northern corn rootworm-01southern corn rootworm-01-01

Protect your corn crop this spring with BioLogic’s beneficial nematodes!

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