Protecting Indoor Plants During Fall and Winter Months

November 23, 2015 | Common Garden Pests

Though warm temperatures are fading and the outdoor gardening season has come and gone, beneficial nematodes can still be useful in protecting indoor plants from pest insects. The beneficial nematodes in BioLogic’s products naturally infect and kill larvae from a wide variety of pest insects that commonly target indoor plants such as fungus gnats.

fungus gnat 1

Whether you are a home owner with a few potted plants or a professional responsible for maintaining entire interiorscapes, fungus gnats and other pest insects can be a real nuisance and quite destructive. Adult female fungus gnats can lay up to 200 eggs in their short 7-10 day lives, meaning a small fungus gnat problem can quickly escalate to a large infestation. The nematodes in BioLogic’s Scanmask products hunt down and kill fungus gnat larvae in the soil. Since existing adults will die off in about a week and the nematodes will kill the next generation of fungus gnats, Scanmask is an all natural and effective way of quickly combating these pesky insects. Scanmask is sold in many quantities, so it is easy to purchase the amount you need depending on how many indoor plants you need to treat. Depending on the level of fungus gnat infestation, we recommend between 20,000-35,000 nematodes/square foot. It is often a good idea to treat any new plants you bring in as they can typically already be infested upon purchase. Visit our Scanmask product pages for more information about our products, to view available quantities, read application directions or place an order.

Scanmask is all natural and chemical free, and is safe for people, plants and pets. Chose a pest control product you can feel good about and protect your indoor plants the natural way!