The Flea Nematode

June 23, 2014 | Fleas

Which Nematodes Kill Fleas?

For pet lovers little feels worse than watching your pet struggle with a flea infestation.  When your pet has fleas you want to stop the itching and banish the fleas as fast as possible!  One option is to buy chemical based ointments or shampoos in an effort to stop the fleas fast.  However, reading the warning label may give you pause as you realize what you are exposing your pets and family to by using chemical based products. Another downside to chemical treatments is their limited duration of effectiveness; they are really only a band aid for your flea problem. These products break down over time and need to be reapplied on a monthly or biweekly bases.  Eventually fleas will develop a resistance to chemical treatments and will require more potent concentrations.  Thankfully there is a completely safe option provided by nature- beneficial nematodes.



Beneficial nematodes work differently from chemical based products in that they stop the problem before it starts.  The nematodes actively hunt down and kill fleas while they are still in the soil as larvae and pupae.  There are two different species that can be considered a “flea nematode”, those found in Ecomask and Scanmask.  Ecomask products contain the beneficial nematode Steinernema carpocapsae and Scanmask contains the nematode Steinernema feltiae.  The Ecomask product is our recommended product for fleas, but both work very well at controlling flea populations. Simply spray Ecomask or Scanmask around your lawn and any other outdoor areas your pets frequent.  Concentrate treatment on areas that are shaded as flea larvae prefer these areas.  Treating your outdoor areas with nematodes is an all-natural way to stop your flea problem and is completely safe for people, plants and pets!

Ecomask conveniently comes packed with the Nema-Jet sprayer in our Pet Pack for easy natural flea control.


BioLogic’s Pet Pack contains everything you need to get rid of flea larvae.  Included is the Nema-Jet Sprayer and Ecomask beneficial nematodes (Steinernema carpocapsae).  Easily apply BioLogic’s Ecomask beneficial nematodes with the Nema-Jet sprayer.  Watch application video.

Apply Ecomask in the evening, watering the application area before and after applying the nematodes. Focus the application on shaded areas of the lawn and around shrubs and structures. Once in the soil the nematodes in Ecomask will begin hunting down and killing flea larvae. Up to 90% of the larvae can be killed in the first 24 hours. A flea shampoo can still be used to kill the adults on pets, but the nematodes will take care of the larvae in the lawn! Beneficial nematodes are soil dwelling organisms so they cannot be used inside. Be sure to vacuum regularly and wash the pets bedding until infestation subsides. Choose a 25 million or 50 million size. Price includes 2 day UPS shipping.

Product Light Infestation/Preventative Heavy Infestation
25M Pet Pack 1900 sq. ft. 1000 sq. ft.
50M Pet Pack 3800 sq. ft. 2000 sq. ft.