A Natural Control for the European Chafer

September 23, 2016 | Common Garden Pests


The European Chafer Beetle is a formidable enemy of lawns and turf. The larvae (called white grubs) feed primarily on the roots of grass and turf, and are a serious pest that can cause substantial damage. Though adult beetles are not harmful, European Chafer grubs can quickly decimate lawns and turf. Beneficial nematodes are a natural predator of European Chafer grubs, and kill the larvae in the soil. We’ve added the European Chafer to our Pest ID database, and you can learn more here.


Now is the perfect time to treat with nematodes to kill European Chafer grubs. The grubs are still small, and more easily killed by nematodes now as opposed to the spring.

We recommend treating in the fall with Heteromask to have fewer grubs next spring!