How Our Nematodes Are Shipped

October 24, 2016 | All About Nematodes

This post is intended to provide our customers with more information on how and when we ship our products. We follow these shipping policies in order to provide you fresh, live and viable nematodes in the most economical manner.

Remember, shipping is free for all orders placed on our website!

All orders from our website are shipped according to the shipping information in the table below. Expedited shipping is available for orders placed over the phone. Please call (717) 349-2789 for more information or to place an expedited order.

All orders for products that are 10 Million nematodes or smaller are shipped via USPS, while all orders for products that are 25 Million nematodes or larger are shipped via UPS. The exception to this “rule” is when an order is received for 5 or more units of  10 Million or smaller sized products; in this case we ship those orders via UPS. We only ship nematodes Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to avoid having live nematodes stuck in transit over the weekend. If orders are received after the shipping deadlines noted in the table, we will wait and ship the order the following week. For more information on how we package our shipments and on storage and shelf life please see this post.