A Toddler’s Eyes: Finding A Praying Mantis Egg Case

October 31, 2016 | Other Beneficials

BioLogic sells a limited number of naturally and sustainably collected praying mantis egg cases. We do not sell them on our website but do sell them via Amazon.com, see here. Though our real passion and focus is using beneficial nematodes for pest control, we also like to provide people with other beneficials such as praying mantises. So, our two year old son is already quite familiar with praying mantises and is pretty good at spotting them outside. However, this weekend he surprised us by finding a praying mantis egg case safely tucked in a tree all on his own! “It’s like a rock, but it’s not hard!” he exclaimed. As we advise to those who buy mantis egg cases from us, we will keep this one refrigerated until spring. Once the temperatures warm up in the spring we will put the egg case back outside and let the mantises hatch. What a neat find and great learning opportunity!

For more information on how to hatch praying mantis egg cases in a terrarium or outside, see this post.