IPM: 5 Reasons to Use Nematodes

December 21, 2015 | All About Nematodes

IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, is an approach that utilizes multiple pest control techniques for maximum effectiveness. Typically IPM programs utilize biocontrols, physical controls and chemical controls to effectively control the pest population in the most efficient way possible, while minimizing risks to human health and the environment, including non target organisms.

Below are 5 reasons that beneficial nematodes, such as those in BioLogic’s nematode products, fit well into Integrated Pest Management programs:

(1) Beneficial nematodes pose no threat to human health and are completely safe.

There are no safety concerns with beneficial nematodes, and no need to avoid the treatment area for any period of time.

(2) Beneficial nematodes are a targeted control, and do not harm non target organisms and other beneficials.

This is important since IPM programs typically utilize a number of other biocontrols to kill pest insects. Beneficial nematodes will not harm ladybugs, praying mantises, earthworms, parasitic wasps or other beneficials.

(3) Beneficial nematodes are easy to apply and do not require specialized equipment.

Growers can typically utilize the same equipment (sprayers, etc…) for beneficial nematode application as they do for other controls, including chemical controls. There is no specialized equipment or training needed for beneficial nematode application. Additionally, there is no pesticide license requirement for beneficial nematodes.

(4) Beneficial nematodes are compatible with most insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other commonly used chemical controls.

Beneficial nematodes can tolerate other common pesticides, meaning they fit easily into IPM programs that utilize such controls. You do not need to wait to apply chemicals in order to protect beneficial nematodes.

(5) Insect pests cannot develop resistance to beneficial nematodes.

This is an advantage beneficial nematodes have over chemical controls. While pests can develop resistance to chemical controls, they cannot develop a resistance to beneficial nematodes. Using beneficial nematodes as part of an IPM program allows growers to use chemical controls less often, reducing the likelihood that pests will develop a resistance to chemical pesticides.

So, remember to consider adding beneficial nematodes to your Integrated Pest Management program!