Introducing BioLogic Direct

February 16, 2016 | Other

BioLogic Direct is the new, more convenient way for garden centers, veterinary clinics and other retailers to sell BioLogic’s nematode products. It’s easy to get started! Simply apply to become an approved retailer by completing a new customer form and business credit application.  Once approved, we will send you a free point of purchase display and BioLogic Direct redemption cards which can only be activated by you, the identified retailer.

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You do not have to make any initial investment, as you will not be billed for the cards until customers buy them and you activate them. Customers can then redeem their cards online for the nematode product of their choice; there are currently 3 options available. BioLogic will ship the nematodes directly to customers so you never have to store or ship live product. You will be billed monthly at a set price for each activated card, but you chose the retail price for the redemption cards. BioLogic Direct is a simple, no hassle way to offer your customers a natural pest control alternative!

To learn more or to get started contact us at:

[email protected] or  (717)-349-2789.