Protect Your Poinsettias with Beneficial Nematodes

December 7, 2016 | Common Garden Pests

Poinsettias are a festive and beautiful tradition during the Christmas season, and are one of the most popular holiday decorations. Many of us bring poinsettias into our homes or gift them to others. Unfortunately poinsettias, like most houseplants, are very susceptible to fungus gnats and are often infested before they even make it into the home. Fungus gnats are not only annoying and embarrassing, they can also cause significant damage to plant roots. The beneficial nematodes in Scanmask are a natural predator of fungus gnat larvae, and work to quickly and safely kill larvae in the potting soil. Beneficial nematodes are microscopic roundworms found in nature. There are many types of nematodes and while some can cause harm to humans or plants, the strains in our nematode products are completely safe for people, pets and plants and are only a threat to pest insects. We recommend treating all poinsettias and other houseplants with Scanmask to kill the fungus gnat larvae and protect your beautiful plants!